ASJM Balls

Physical Education at Academy of Saint James has seen a wonderful year thus far. We
have participated in numerous sports and activities such as team handball, badminton,
tennis, yukiball and field hockey. We have also focused on our callisthenic section of
class with numerous exercises such as squats; sit ups, push-ups and more. Every class we
are challenging ourselves thru multiple wind sprints and the infamous crab walk and bear
As always the grading system is simple:
 Attitude
 Level of participation
 Level of improvement
The primary goals are:
 Instill confidence
 Develop character in three ways:
1) Building physical stamina- use calisthenics-based exercise to help to
regulate the biological rhythms of life (health, mood, awareness, focus and
2) Emotional stability – through an energetic, consistent, highly structured
approach we bond with each student to achieve emotional stability so that trust can
3) Intellectual stimulation – Students are naturally taught social interactions and
relationship development with peers and staff, engaging the body and mind
The students are reminded, through an abundance of positive accolades, that by having a
positive attitude, a high level of participation and demonstrating improvement they will
receive good grades in gym and in life!
- Mr. Papaccio, Physical Education