pastel art

The fifth-grade homeroom has been preparing for our virtual choral presentation of “Somewhere in My Memory” by John Williams. This song originally appeared in the first Home Alone film. This song is about the true joys of Christmas, and the true meaning of being together with your loved ones.

Religion has brought the understanding of the Beatitudes to us and how we give witness to the Kingdom of God. In art, the fifth-grade students have been working on using oil pastels to illustrate Christmas ornaments on a snowy evergreen tree. They will also learn how to paint a snowy landscape and draw a Nativity scene.

Science has been exciting and “Out of this World” as the students learn all about Earth, the Solar System, constellations, and our galaxies. The fifth-grade students learned how gravity influences the shape and the motion of objects in the Solar System.
Ms. Robin Baham - Fifth-grade Science & Art