3rd grade spine candy

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it is already November. The third graders at the Academy of St. James have been working very hard this year. In math we have started our unit on geometry. We began by learning about different types of triangles and angles. Next, we explored the concepts of quadrilaterals and polygons. Last week, the children participated in a scavenger hunt to identify all of geometric shapes that can be found within our school building. In our next math unit we will investigate systems of measurement. The students are looking forward to measuring common objects found in the classroom. 

As part of our social studies program we have been working on map skills. The third graders have been learning how to use a map key, read a map, and use cardinal and intermediate directions. To help put their newly acquired map skills to use, the students made a detailed map of the classroom. 

This year’s third grade science curriculum includes the study of animal life cycles. In the spring we hope to obtain our own butterfly garden so the students can observe as caterpillars spin their cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies. We have been discussing the different ways that animals can be grouped such as vertebrates and invertebrates. As part of this lesson, the children constructed their own model of a human backbone using pipe cleaners, macaroni and gummi lifesavers. As much as the children enjoyed making that model, I think they enjoyed eating the leftover candy even more. 

Mrs. DeLillo’s third graders would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

- Lisa DeLillo, 3 rd Grade Teacher