2nd grade science plants

So much has been going on in second grade. The children have been busy working on many different things during the past weeks.

First, we’ve been discussing the importance of families, how there are so many different types and how each one is special and unique. The children have written about their families, illustrated them and even brought in photos of them. We’ve come to realize that our pets are very important parts of our families too.

In math, we’ve been learning about different strategies for adding and subtracting. These include doubles, doubles plus one, related facts, tens facts, adding and subtracting with and without manipulatives, along with fact families and counting up and back. We will be moving on to place value in the upcoming weeks which is very exciting.

In science, we’ve been busy learning about how plants grow and change. The children have been very excited doing experiments and keeping notes on the changes that they have observed in the plants. They’ve discovered that food, water, air and sunshine and are essential to not only plants but to animals too. They’ve incorporated writing and drawing into their daily work and their skills are improving daily.

It's been so wonderful seeing the children get so excited about all that they are learning.  I can hardly wait to see what the next few months bring.

Denise DeMarco, Second Grade