kindergarten booklet wonders

Wow!  It’s only a few weeks into school and the Kindergarten at The Academy of St. James of the Marches has been working so hard already!  We are packing our own backpacks, handing in our own homework, and getting ourselves ready for the day.  Our classroom routines have really helped make the students independent.  It’s amazing to see the responsibility they are taking on!

When it comes to academics, we had a few weeks of review but have since delved right into the meat and potatoes of our work!  We already had our FIRST test in math.  We sorted by two and three attributes like pros and moved onto geometry!

We also have started reading our “Little Reader” booklets in class and I am so happy with the students’ efforts to memorize their first two sight words.  Sight words can be a challenge and they are working hard to be the best readers they can be.  Next comes sounding out words and I can only imagine how great they will do with that too!

I am super excited to see what this year has in store for us at The Academy.  So far, I am beyond proud of my students!

  • Nicole (Nunno) Mikulis, Kindergarten Teacher