PreK Blocks

The Pre-K class is off to a great start this year! We’ve been learning all sorts of new things about our classroom, our friends, and ourselves! We love our morning circle time, where we get assigned our “jobs” for the day, talk about the weather, update our calendar and read a story. It’s so much fun being all together and blossoming into happy, bright, and respectful members of our school community!

We are always busy little bees in Pre-K, whether we are working on our letters, numbers, colors or shapes, but we always make time for play! We get to play in different centers around the classroom, all while learning very important socialization skills, like taking turns and using our words. This past week, we talked about how God made us all special and we said a special prayer thanking him for that! We’re looking forward to all the wonderful events taking place in our school in the coming months and are excited to be a part of it all!

Ann Marie Velazquez, Pre-K 3 & 4