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Mrs. Munson's

5th Grade Class
Incoming 5th Grade Summer Work
Math:  All students are required to complete 1  1/2 hours of IXL per week in the summer.

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

Directions:  Summer reading is required.  This summer the incoming 5th graders will read Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life.  The book is to be purchased and read by the first day of school. Here are review questions that your child should work on while reading.          

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life-Review Questions:

  1.   Why is the task of opening the box so important to Jeremy?
  2.   What do you think Jeremy’s mom means when she says, “It will all happen the only way it happens” (98)?
  3.  While Dr. Grady is showing them around, Lizzy looks at her teeth in the display cases, she starts humming, and she starts squirming. Why do you think she’s doing these things?
  4.   What is Dr. Grady’s theory on why we exist?
  5.  How does Jeremy have a lucky moment at the end of chapter 14?
  6.  When Jeremy and Lizzy take the bus, Lizzy finds one of the missing cards in her collection after they get off at the wrong stop.  Why is finding the cards so important?
  7.  What do the cards symbolize?
  8.   For each of the following people, explain what they pawned and why they pawned it to Ozzy.







  1.    Summarize the types of choices Jeremy learns about from Mabel.
  2.   What lesson does Jeremy learn about life from the museum?
  3.   What is "flotsam and jetsam?"
  4.   What is a milestone moment?
  5.   What does Jeremy get excited about as soon as they arrive at the state fair?
  6.   What happens when Jeremy and Lizzy are about to go on stage?  What does Jeremy do about it?
  7.  Explain Jeremy’s birthday wish.
  8.   What does Jeremy plan to give Lizzy for her next birthday?  Why?
  9.   Explain what the meaning of the ‘wolf story’ in Jeremy’s father’s letter means.
  10.  What, mostly, is in the box?
  11.   What do they represent?

Summer Activity:  Jeremy spends the entire summer trying to discover what is in his Meaning of Life Box.  When he finally gets it opened, he discovers that “ is really, a string of moments that you knot together and carry with you...The trick is to recognize an important one when it happens.” (p. 272)  Have your child think about their own life to date and have them create their own Meaning of Life Box. They can use a shoe box to decorate and fill it with items that are meaningful to them. They can bring in their box the first week of school.  We will write letters about we have learned about life!

Have a great summer!!!!!

Mrs. Munson

RELIGIONbible"Love One Another"                 
socialstudiesOur focus this year in Social Studies is the United States.   We are starting the year in the section titled "American People, American Land" which gives an overview of the nation.  Later, we will learn the history of this country starting with the people who explored the world and discovered America.In addition, students in grade 5 will understand the impact of geography on the early colonists. Also, a close examination of the evolution of the rights of American citizens, and global local issues of equity. We will explore the causes of both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Collaboration among pupils is emphasized as technology is used for research and projects as we emphasize the responsibilities of a democratic nation. Tests and portfolio evaluation will be used to track a students progress.


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