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Please know that students who forget materials at home (homework and/or books) will receive homework slips for not being prepared for class! Students who repeatedly forget to bring items to class (even if have them at school!) may receive slips as well.  Please reinforce and remind students to be responsible for themselves and their belongings! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
ELA:  Study for MM Quiz tomorrow...make sure you have your books for class as there will be a writing component and you can use your book for text evidence
Boggle due tomorrow...test Friday
Math - Workbook pg. 119

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
ELA:  Write It 2x due tomorrow...Boggle Due Thursday...Test Friday
MM Quiz Thursday and there is a Writing Prompt
Reread 33-37...complete taking notes and make sure all comprehension is complete by tomorrow
Math:  Worksheet
Religion:  Compare the two Saints you learned about today on pages 124 and 126
RELIGIONbible"Love One Another"                 
socialstudiesOur focus this year in Social Studies is the United States.   We are starting the year in the section titled "American People, American Land" which gives an overview of the nation.  Later, we will learn the history of this country starting with the people who explored the world and discovered America.In addition, students in grade 5 will understand the impact of geography on the early colonists. Also, a close examination of the evolution of the rights of American citizens, and global local issues of equity. We will explore the causes of both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Collaboration among pupils is emphasized as technology is used for research and projects as we emphasize the responsibilities of a democratic nation. Tests and portfolio evaluation will be used to track a students progress.


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